Top 6+1 Hungaricums as Christmas Gifts and Where to Find Them


We Hungarians are not only proud of our specialties (“Hungaricums”), but also like to give them as gifts. Some of them aren’t too special; however, others are quite interesting and not something you see every day.

Whether you plan to give Hungaricums as a gift to Hungarians or foreigners, success is guaranteed. In this article, we bring you ten of the most fun and intriguing Hungarian delicacies to give as gifts.

We will go from least to most extraordinary (the +1 at the end is a surprise).

You will also find links attached so you don’t have to worry about not knowing where to find them.

1. Pirospaprika

I’m sure you’re not surprised – the paprika in the town of Kalocsa is one of the most important Hungaricums. He is present in every Hungarian home, whether he admits it or not. Pirospaprika is an essential ingredient in many of our dishes (goulash, lecsó, paprikach, fisherman’s soup). With that, you can’t go wrong, EVERYONE needs pirospaprika in their life. Check HERE.

2. Homemade jam (Házi lekvár)

The specialty of our mothers and grandmothers! There is no better jam to put in pastries, spread on pancakes or other desserts than our homemade jams. This is something that cannot be done yourself in a short time, so if you are planning to give someone homemade jam, check this link.

3. Hungarian honey

Hungary is also famous for its exceptional honey, among other things. There are many beekeepers in the country, producing extremely delicious – and healthy! – Honey. And, as we all know, gifting health is always a very thoughtful and thoughtful gesture.

4. Choose salami

pick salami central market hall

Pick salami at the central market, photo: Daily News Hungary

In Hungary, PICK is the best-known brand for all types of meat. Their salami makes perfect sandwiches, pizzas, and they’re also delicious to eat as snacks – another goodie anyone would love, unless they’re vegetarian/vegan, of course.

5. Pöttyös Túró Rudi

Túro Rudi

A very unique Hungarian dessert! Who wouldn’t love this little chocolate covered cottage cheese bar? The history of Túró Rudi dates back to 1954, and to this day it is Hungary’s favorite sweet snack. It’s also the perfect Christmas gift for Hungarians living abroad – they’ll definitely miss it a lot!

6. Marzipan Szamos


Known around the world, Szamos Marzipan is one of the world’s leading marzipan companies – and it’s ours! Not too cheap, but definitely worth every forint. It is a perfect gift, whether for Christmas, Easter, a birthday or a wedding.

+1 Szaloncukor, our Christmas sweets – with Erős Pista!

szaloncukor erős pista

Yes, you read that right! It’s spicy szaloncukor where sweet chocolate and hot paprika merge to create the weirdest szaloncukor you’ve ever tried. If you are buying one as a gift, be sure to buy one for yourself as well. Get it here

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