USPS deadlines for getting Christmas gifts on time



Wednesday is one of the first deadlines for giving gifts to loved ones by Christmas.

To ship via USPS Retail Ground Shipping, you will need to bring your package to the post office before it closes today.

Post office spokeswoman Susan Wright said you should mail your packages as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more expensive it is to guarantee delivery before Christmas.

“The postal service is prepared. We’re ready this year, ”Wright said.

Heidi Bruce arrived at the post office before the ground shipping deadline.

“I always start early to make sure everyone gets what they want and where they’re going,” Bruce said.

She plans to ship her gifts early and recommends others to do the same.

“Get there early. I always come early. I always come early or in the middle of the week, never on weekends. Because it gets too crowded on the weekends, ”said Bruce.

The post office also planned and prepared after seeing an increase in the number of packages shipped last year.

“We have learned a lot of lessons from the past year,” said Wright.

This year, they expect to deliver between 850 and 950 million packages.

“We started planning for peak season earlier than ever this year so we’re ready,” Wright said.

USPS has 112 new parcel sorting machines, one of which is here in Indy. They also rent facilities to handle the increased volume.

“We consider this to be our Super Bowl time of the year, so we definitely want to offer the vacations to our customers. It means the world to all of us, ”Wright said.

Here are some deadlines to receive your gift on time:

  • December 17 – First Class Mail
  • December 18 – Priority mail
  • December 23 – Priority Mail Express

These are deadlines that Maggie Bishop paid attention to.

“Oh, I think the deadlines are really important. Everyone is trying to use the logistics system these days, ”Bishop said.

“The sooner we can do this, the less stress we can put on the system and we can all enjoy the holidays. ”

Bishop made sure she got her gifts in the mail ahead of some of the more expensive later deadlines.

“I like to save money, especially when I spend money on gifts. Yeah, that’s an added bonus, ”Bishop said.

Officials say the best time to drop off something is when the post office opens or mid-afternoon.

To keep the line going, you are asked to have your package addressed before going there.

Do not try to guess the zip code, because if you get it wrong it will delay the delivery.



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