Video Of Woman Waking Dogs In Her Christmas Home Has Us Jealous


It’s better than ours!

We used to think we were spoiling our dogs enough, but one TikTok user @chipgirlhere shows us that we really need to step up our game. You will be blown away by the lavish lifestyles of these dogs.

For starters, they have their own mansion. Also, the way their doghouse is decorated for Christmas is amazing. It’s better than anything we could do! And the way the owner wakes the dogs up in the morning is the sweetest thing you’ll see. Can we have this on Christmas morning? LOL!

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OMG Stop it! It’s more than adorable. We are obsessed with their doghouse and having everything decorated for Christmas. And then the owner bringing them breakfast in bed really sent us over the edge. You could say we’re a little jealous. Ok, ok, very jealous!

“These dogs live better than me,” @wlfs2007 wrote. You can repeat it! See the size of their house!? It’s bigger than anything we can afford. LOL! “Damn dog house nicer than mine,” @livinbeautiful added. Retweet!

Another TikTok user, @mrs.chandler5717, pointed out, “The true definition of spoiled puppies. I am so extra for my animals and it fills my heart so much. They deserve nothing less than to be spoiled! We would do it for our dogs too in a heartbeat! “I will definitely be making one for my dogs when I get older,” @haydensawesomegf said. You can count on us to do it too!

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