WATCH: 5 healthy pranks to go with your Christmas gifts this holiday season


Christmas is one of the most beloved holidays in the world. Nothing matters more during this season than spreading the love between friends and family, and there’s no better way to do that than to add some pranks to the table. As inspiring and funny as they are, Christmas pranks can be spectacular, especially if they have a deeper meaning. Nevertheless, everyone needs to laugh after a long difficult year, which is why you must arm yourself with well planned pranks to accompany your Christmas gift this holiday.

Give an insulting Christmas card

Everyone loves money because it solves most of our problems, and putting money in a loved one’s gift card can lift their mood. Typically, eight out of 10 people accompany their cards with cash. If you’re buying a Christmas card, write how much you care about a loved one and include money inside the card, then tape it to the back of the card without seeing it. Imagine opening a card with impatience, wait for money only to find nothing. Even if they will be disappointed at first, you will laugh heartily.

(Photo USMC)

Buy a big gift box and insert a small gift

For some reason, large gift boxes are commonly associated with bulky or expensive gifts. Most people assume at least that, and it would be disappointing but hilarious if the opposite happened. For example, you can give your little brother a neatly wrapped PS5 box with something else inside. When unboxing the box, he will be delighted to see the PS5 label only to be disappointed with its contents. The totality the family will laugh at this and will always remember how the young boy was once tricked

Replace pizza with vegetables

Pizza is a universal food loved by everyone, especially children. Imagine the shock on your kids’ faces when they find out you’ve replaced the pizza with raw vegetables. Even your wife will be disappointed because she was ready to eat ready meals and not to cook. With this prank, you will have to buy real pizza in the end. A similar prank is to offer frozen peas to your child who has requested toys from Frozen. Sure, your little girl was referring to Disney’s animated movie Frozen, but pretend you thought she was talking about real frozen food.

WATCH: 5 healthy pranks to go with your Christmas gifts this holiday season
(U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Amber Stephens/Released)

Wrapping a frying pan as a gift

Nobody wants to receive a pan as a gift at Christmas because there is nothing special about it. Wrap the mold itself without inserting it in a gift box so that the recipient can see the shape before unpacking it clearly. Inside the pan, place an iPhone box. However, don’t include a real iPhone in the box, because that’s where the problem lies. You want the receiver to experience a rollercoaster of emotions that end in a brick wall. Hide a pair of regular socks in the phone booth instead. This way, the receiver will feel better after seeing the phone booth, only to find socks inside.

Get an Apple Watch

Apple is an admired producer of phones, computers, laptops and watches. Owning a company item is prestigious, so anyone would like this.

Except me, I owned one and it’s just not the same as a tasteful watch that you can wear for formal occasions without looking like a millennial. Every day, fine. Special occasions, corny.

Let the recipient know you gave them an Apple Watch to cheer them up, but don’t include an actual one. Get a colorless watch with an apple design instead and watch how their mood changes abruptly. It would be an amazing way to get off someone’s list without using too much money in the true sense of the word. No one is going to claim the gift is an Apple Watch, even though it’s clearly not Apple branded.


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