Watch a ruthless thief steal £800 worth of Christmas gifts from a car in Smethwick


A mum was ‘disheartened’ this Christmas after gifts were stolen from the family car.

The gifts, including an iPad and an Apple Watch, were kept in the Toyota outside her Smethwick home so her sons couldn’t find them.

But when Helen’s husband went to collect the gifts on December 16, he was shocked to find them missing.

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CCTV at the property, on Hales Crescent, captured a thief slowly removing the items from the vehicle before driving off around 6am.

Helen was disappointed after the gifts were removed from the car which she said was locked.

She said: “We collected presents that we had stored at my husband’s mothers, left them in a locked car overnight so the children couldn’t see them. There was a new iPad, Jurassic Park figurines, an Apple Watch and some clothes.

“My husband got in his car and it was different because the seat had been moved, he looked behind him and noticed the gifts were gone, so he came back into the house and said to me, so we have both looked at the door [camera] and there he was stealing the gifts.

“I called the police who told me they don’t come out for car break-ins and told me I would be given a crime number. I got a call from an officer who wrote a little statement.”

The mum-of-four continued: “It put us off. Luckily I had insurance but that’s not the issue as the iPad was on contract so I’m still paying for it for three years and my premiums. will now increase.”

The stolen gifts were for Helen’s two youngest sons, ages 8 and 15. She estimated they were worth around £800.

“The car was locked and was not damaged, so we have no idea [how it was broken into]. The police said he might have a device,” she said.

“The car automatically locks when you walk away from it.”

A West Midlands Police spokesperson told BlackCountryLive: “We are investigating a robbery on Hales Crescent, Smethwick, just before 6am on December 16.

“Christmas gifts were stolen from the trunk of a silver Toyota C-HR parked on the street.

“Anyone with information is asked to get in touch via live chat on our website or call 101 quoting crime reference 20/1962674/21.”

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