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What to do with unwanted Christmas gifts? A simple online search will list many articles that provide answers. Most of them come up with the same or similar ideas.

The most suggested solution was to simply try to return it. Returns are fairly straightforward if the donor has provided a gift receipt, which bears the store’s name and the item purchased without indicating the price. Without a receipt, consumers may have to settle for store credit, if the store provides it. Otherwise, a return may not be what you want.

Several came up with the idea of ​​donating unwanted donations to charity. Most resale charity stores welcome quality products, and newer items may be sold for a higher price. This helps support a good cause and at the same time the gift will end up belonging to someone who wants it.

Another popular suggestion is to simply sell the unwanted item. There are sites, like eBay, which are obvious places to do this. As one author mentioned, you might want to make sure that the person who gave you the gift isn’t tracking your auctions. There are many Facebook pages that allow people to sell items locally, like Cherokee County Trading Post, Jacksonville, Tx Online Garage Sale, All Things Rusk TX! and many more. Ask anyone who spends time on Facebook and they’ll likely be able to list more than one of these pages. Just be aware that you may need to register to participate in certain groups, although joining is usually as easy as submitting a request.

Another proposed idea is to exchange the unwanted present. Someone else may be happy to have what you have been given. You can trade with your family members or have a swap party with friends. Who knows what other people have that you might like and vice versa? It could also be an excuse for another meeting.

What was once taboo is now more accepted, regenerating. Regifter is exactly what it sounds like, giving a gift that you received as a gift to someone else. What some have considered cheesy might just be a way to find a home for an item with someone who will appreciate it.

For those who just don’t feel good about selling or giving away something a loved one has chosen specifically for them, there was another suggestion: put it away. You never know when it might come in handy or when you’ll find someone who needs it.



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