Why Kailyn Lowry Doesn’t Give Her Kids Christmas Gifts


It’s been a minute since we last checked teen mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry, but apparently she’s facing a pretty ridiculous backlash over not giving her kids Christmas presents. Kailyn revealed this nugget of information during an Instagram Q&A, saying ‘I don’t even get Christmas presents for my kids’ when asked if she gets presents for her dogs. .

Apparently the backlash was pretty immediate, as Kailyn followed up her statement with an explanation.

“Some of you are curious and some of you are really upset about this,” she said, per E ! New. “Just know that my kids aren’t going to be without it. Leave them something they only do at their dad’s house.”

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Kailyn added: “I’ve said this many times, but I got tired of fighting [with] dads [about] it and abandoned it. Whenever I had the kids for Christmas, the other members of my family were opposite years with their families/kids and we started having big holidays about 5 years ago. So Christmas can be with their dads and they don’t have to worry about sharing it.”

She went on to explain that her kids “look forward to our family vacation every year” and told her followers that “My kids don’t want or need anything and I’m grateful for that. Maybe one day we will celebrate without gifts another day.

According E ! New, Kailyn also opened up about it on a podcast last year, saying “We’re not doing anything. I’m just not going to have them. So they don’t have to buy themselves stuff…I could ask them, ‘Do they want to treat themselves to anything for Christmas?’ And if they say yes, then obviously I would facilitate that.”

Sounds reasonable, TBH!

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