Woman had Christmas gifts in her luggage, but all she found was dog food after her flight


In other Delta Air Lines news today…

On a part-work trip, a New Hampshire woman spent 11 days in Italy and a few days in Paris, where she stocked up on Christmas gifts worth $3,000. But when she got home and opened her luggage, she found her purchases had been replaced with dry dog ​​food. Some of it was loose kibble while the rest was stuffed into plastic bags.

Gina Sheldon, whose Air France flight was booked through Delta Air Lines, also found someone’s old T-shirt and a bottle of shaving cream among the replaced goodies in her luggage.

From the access point:

“There was a leather jacket that I bought for my 16-year-old son,” Sheldon said. “I had purchased these very cute leather purses that I had bought to give to various family members and friends.”

“When it goes through the scan and continues its journey, it looks like a real luggage product,” she said of the items that ended up in her bag.

Sheldon booked his flight through Delta Air Lines, but it was operated by Air France.

“We apologize for this customer’s experience following Air France Flight 334,” Delta told the station in a statement. “We have established an affirmative link with our Air France partners and the customer to find a solution.”


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