Woman hurls anti-Semitic slurs at her London home – after mistaking Christmas decorations…


18 November 2022, 11:44

The woman spat anti-Semitic slurs.

Photo: Nextdoor/Getty

A woman has been caught on camera spewing vile anti-Semitic abuse at a London home after mistaking Christmas decorations for a Star of David, a traditional Jewish symbol.

The woman is seen walking with a group of other people outside the house in Kensal Rise, north west London.

She’s caught on CCTV saying, “Oh my god, look, they’re Jews. Uh, fucking Jew b**********.”

A family member who lives in the house posted it on social media Nextdoor, writing: “My son heard this from his bedroom and it was picked up on my Nest doorbell last night.

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“What they were looking at was an old, rustic star-shaped Christmas ornament that I never took down that spoke of this anti-Semitic abuse.

“I’m not Jewish, but we can all agree that this is hate speech and it’s appalling. Her ignorance clearly has no bounds as she also doesn’t know the difference between a star of David and a pentagram!”

The woman said she contacted the police and the Community Safety Team, an organization that deals with threats against Jews in the UK.

Other Nextdoor users reacted in horror to the woman’s “terrible” anti-Semitic behavior.

One said, “It doesn’t matter if you’re Jewish or not. It’s despicable! It makes me very worried about my lovely Jewish friends, who are nothing but kind and generous.”

A second local said: ‘Horrible people who think it’s okay to be abusive, terrible, so happy many don’t behave like that.’

“Amazingly terrible,” added a third. “I am truly sorry that this unforgivable crime happened to you and your family. Kudos to your son for reporting it to the police. Fingers crossed that the culprits are caught.”

A neighbor called the incident “shocking and so sad”, while another said: “Just to prove their ignorance, they don’t know the difference between a five pointed star and a six”.


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