Woman says strangers robbed her apartment and put up Christmas decorations in viral video


A TikToker has gone viral after sharing a video of a couple allegedly moving into his apartment, changing the locks and putting up his Christmas decorations while he was away.

The video, posted by Shayna Rice or @glamourice on TikTok, has amassed over 3.6 million views and 5,200 comments since it was posted last week.

“Someone moved into our house while we were gone,” read the text on the screen. “We changed our locks, packed up all our stuff and tried to redecorate.”

In the video, Rice showed police surrounding an apartment complex and trying to enter the unit. She explained that the police had to break down the apartment door because someone had changed the locks.

Once the police were able to enter the apartment, they found the strangers still inside. Footage showed them being escorted through the parking lot by an officer.

The video then cut clips of the empty living room with full trash bags in the corner. In the bedroom, people had put a double mattress on the floor and even left snacks and an ice cold drink on the bedside table.

“They had a gun and a knife that the police found,” Rice said in the video.

She also showed a knife whose handle was wrapped in a washcloth left on the kitchen counter and pictures drawn on it that she had left in the apartment.

“They came into our warehouse and put up a Christmas decoration,” Rice said.

She showed that the strangers had put up some of her Christmas decorations, including a small silver tree. She also mentioned that they stole the dryer.

In a follow-up video, Rice explained that she had more than one apartment. She also said she noticed something strange about two weeks ago when she noticed the storage unit on the balcony was open.

She said that about a week later her son’s father checked the apartment again and noticed duct tape on the door deadbolt and the two decided to wait until the next day to contact the police . When they returned the next day, they noticed that the tape had been replaced with a brand new deadbolt.

In another video, Rice said police found a man and a woman inside the apartment and had never seen them before. She also said the majority of the stuff in her closet was gone, along with her son’s toy kitchen. She also said her TVs and electronics were missing.

In the comments, many mentioned that this is a great example of why people should invest in rental insurance. They also mentioned how scary it was that the two seemed ready for Rice to come home with the knife carelessly left on the kitchen counter.

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after showing footage of her empty apartment after two strangers broke in and started living inside. She said they got rid of most of her stuff but decorated the apartment with her Christmas decorations.
Nicolas Tucat/Getty Images

In November, Newsweek reported on an 82-year-old woman who was dismembered and buried in her garden after a group of squatters moved into her home.

According to the police, the squatters also took over the finances of the victim, Lucille Payne. Payne died at her home in 2018, but her body was never discovered as she had no close family or friends to watch over her.

Eventually, the police believed that a group of squatters noticed the vacant house and decided to move in.

“After finding her, the decision was made between several people to dismember her body and bury her,” Lt. Ray Spencer said. “And then drain his finances and sell his property, fraudulently.”


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