Woman Seeks Christmas Home Swap With Stranger After Being Inspired By ‘The Holiday’


A Boston TikToker hopes to make the classic party movieVacations a reality after asking viewers if anyone wanted to swap houses for the festive season.

Grace Gagnon, 25, hopes to swap her apartment with someone in England to do this Christmas extra special.

She was inspired by the 2006 romantic comedy Vacations, which sees Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet swapping homes in different countries where they both fall in love with local men.

Grace posted a video six days ago showing her Boston apartment with the text onscreen: “Anyone in England want to switch places for the holidays? I have a studio apartment on the Boston waterfront.

She used the hashtag #theholiday and captioned the clip: “Serious investigations only. Bonus points if you have a single brother-in-law.

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Her video quickly racked up nearly three million views as bids poured in from across the UK from places including London, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Leeds.

Referencing the movie, one commenter joked, “Does Jude Law come with it?”

In an update posted four days ago, she said she was booking a flight to Europe for New Year’s Eve. She received so many responses that she had to create a Google form for requests information and said she set up a few Facetimes to meet potential swappers this week.

One user commented: “Let us know when you fall in love”.

Responding to the comment in a video, she said she’s been known to wear her heart on her sleeve, but said she hasn’t experienced love in a few years. In recent years his priority has been getting to know each other and working on his career, but “dating sucks”.

She said she wasn’t making the trip to fall in love, but rather to experience another part of the world.

But if she meets anyone interesting along the way, she said she’ll let her followers know…

In another update, she said she’s seen many other creators jump on the home-swapping trend.

She said she’s decided where she’s going, but isn’t yet sharing where until it’s all set in stone.

While we haven’t heard where she’s going yet, it looks like she’s well prepared as she posted an adorable video of her pooch in a carry-on ready to go on a festive adventure.

But is his family happy with his TikTok mission?

Hilariously, she shared an impression of how her family feels about her decision to cross the pond to spend the holidays with strangers:

With the pooch wrapped up and the final emails out, we’re sure it won’t be long before we hear about the dream location she’s headed to.

Would you participate in something like this?


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