Woodstock police take 125 children to buy Christmas presents



WOODSTOCK, GA – The Woodstock Public Safety Foundation hosted its annual Shop with a Hero event on Saturday with 125 kids from the Woodstock community shopping for Christmas gifts with the Woodstock Police and Fire Department.

The event lasted three hours and the Woodstock Public Safety Foundation funded $ 13,000 in Christmas gifts.

The Shop with a Hero program is an annual event where Woodstock Police and firefighters volunteer to accompany children on a shopping trip for Christmas gifts. Every December, Walmart, 12182 Highway 92 in Woodstock, hosts this program which is funded primarily by donations to the Shop with a Hero program of the Woodstock Public Safety Foundation.

The Shop with a Hero story began over 20 years ago when a family in Woodstock wanted to donate to the Police Department to help make a difference in the community. At the same time, former officer Richie Rich learned of the existence of a local boy whose house had been destroyed by fire. He used the donated funds to take the boy for Christmas shopping. The boy only wanted to buy a jacket for each person in his family instead of toys. When other officers and firefighters learned that the boy wanted to provide jackets for his family instead of toys, the officers and firefighters gathered their money to take the boy to buy Christmas gifts and toys.

Since then, the Shop with a Hero program has served over 1,700 children and continues to grow each year.

To learn more about the Shop with a Hero program or the Woodstock Public Safety Foundation, visit online.



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