Your unwanted Christmas gifts can raise funds for the homeless


Did you know that one in five people throw away unwanted gifts every Christmas rather than donating them to charity? And these are not just any gifts. The average person has around £400 worth of stuff they don’t like or don’t plan to use.

We’ve all been there: your aunt giving you an apron with an inspirational quote or your grandpa giving you a book about freighters you never intended to read. Well, as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And that’s exactly why homeless charity Shelter has teamed up with InPost, which operates a network of automated lockers used for collecting and returning online purchases, to make the most of freebies. unwanted.

Take your regift game to a whole new level this year by taking your rejected gifts to one of InPost’s 1,000 Secret Senda lockers in London. InPost will then transport them, free of charge, to one of Shelter’s charity stores, where your gifts can be sold to someone who truly loves them. There will always be someone who will truly love them.

It’s really easy to donate. Simply pack your item, register it online and get a QR code, then bring it to a Secret Senda locker by December 31. Your contribution will help raise funds that will be used to provide housing for people at risk of homelessness this winter.

For more information and to find your nearest Secret Senda locker, visit InPost website.

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